Cake Balls

1 box cake mix, any kind
1 can frosting
1 pkg. Almond Bark

Bake the cake in an oblong cake pan. Cool. Cut any brown edges of the cake along the sides and discard. This is about the time when I made a cup of coffee and eat the edges. Crumble the remainder of the cake and mix it with one-half of the frosting. I only used one-half of the can because I wanted more of a cake taste. Mixture will be gooey, so it's a good idea to wet hands and form mixture into balls. I froze the balls for about an hour or so. Next, melt Almond bark. I used a double boiler. With two toothpicks, roll each ball into the Almond bark and place on wax paper to cool and harden.

I used a carrot cake mix and white frosting. I choose chocolate almond bark. After the chocolate hardened, I bought a tube of Betty Crocker's white icing and drizzled it over some of the cake balls. They look pretty in paper cupcake liners!


Kay said…
WOWSER - I have GOT to try this! So pretty too! I'm sure they have NO calories, either.
This is different. I'll have to make this when I have our small group over at our house. It will be a hit.

P.S. Thanks for stopping over at my blog. Your wait for the movie Fireproof will be worth it.