Turkey and Stuffing

In our week of Thanksgiving Tried and True Recipes (sidebar), we are now focusing on the main dish. Kim asked us to share what we serve and how we prepare it. We have, from time to time, fried our turkeys on the patio outside and it is a wonderful way to enjoy a turkey. However, I’m old fashioned and traditional so I like to bake my turkey in the oven and enjoy the familiar smells of Thanksgiving.

I always purchase a turkey that is large, about 25 lbs., and enjoy sending home packages with the kids when they leave. I use my mother’s recipe to stuff the bird which the family loves and I bake the turkey in a cooking bag according to the directions.

Mom’s stuffing:
Sauté an onion or two and 4-6 stalks of diced celery in half-stick margarine. Add about 2 cups water and 2 chicken bouillon cubes. Simmer for about 20 minutes.

In a bowl:
3 packages of crushed soda crackers
(I add a little milk to this to moisten while I cook the above.)
Add the onion/celery mixture to crackers.
Add 2 eggs (3 if small)
Grate an apple (optional)
Cook 1 lb. of ground beef; drain. Add to cracker mixture.
Cook ½ lb. (or ½ roll) ground pork sausage and add to mixture.
Mix all well and flavor with pepper, poultry seasoning, salt, and parsley.


Loren said…

I didn't know you had another blog :) So happy to have found it....Having YOUR recipes will be so very special to me!

Now I need to go start copying and printing WAHOO

Andrea said…
Love you! andrea