Tonight I am visiting my sister and her husband. He loves to cook for us and treated us to a dish his family used to prepare when he was young, Panzerotti. He refers to it as "poor man's pizza."
Here is what you need:
Frozen pizza dough
Mozzarella cheese
Diced Tomatoes
Cooking Oil
Salt to taste
We placed the pizza dough on a cutting board and cut into four sections.
Using a rolling pin, we rolled out one of the quartered sections of dough.
You can place many things on the dough such as cooked mushrooms and onions, etc. but we like Mozzarella Cheese. This time we bought fresh cheese and sliced it and spread about 1/4 cup on dough.

Add about 1 to 2 Tablespoons of well-drained diced tomatoes. Next fold dough in half. Moisten edges and squeeze down along the edges.
Fry Panzerotti in oil. We use a combination of Olive oil and Canola. Oil should be very hot.
Place Panzerotti on paper towels or use a brown bag to drain.
We salted the Panzerotti before we sat down and ate them.


Andrea said…
Looks yummy...was ready to crash the party and then realized you would have several dinners before I could get there...
Hugs, andrea