Puddin' n' Cheese Chill

This recipe is an oldy.  I made it today for a Memorial Day cookout.  I use to make it when the kids were little because they liked chocolate pudding.  Any flavor can be substituted!

Puddin' n' Cheese Chill 

1 stick of margarine
1 cup flour
1/2 cup nuts, chopped

8 oz. cream cheese
1 cup powder sugar
1 cup Cool Whip
2 pkgs. Instant Chocolate Pudding 
3 cups milk
1 large container Cool Whip

Cream the stick of margarine and with 1 cup flour.  Add 1/2 cup nuts.  Knead this and pat it into a 9x12 pan.  Bake 12 minutes at 350.  Cool.
Set aside.

Beat cream cheese with 1 cup powdered sugar.  Fold in 1 cup Cool Whip and spread this on the cool crust.  Prepare the 2 packaged of instant pudding with 3 cups milk.  Spread on cream cheese layer.  Top with a bit of Cool Whip before serving.